Professional Profile


Colin Campbell: successful international health practitioner, course facilitator public speaker and expert diviner - currently based between London and Cape Town.


For more about Colin and his work:-

For the past ten years Colin has consulted directly with approximately four thousand clients per year, in the United Kingdom, Southern Africa and the USA.  He writes articles, gives public lectures at international conferences, is writing a commissioned publication on personal and ecological health, and has recently been approached to consult for an exciting new film series in the UK.  He has an established reputation with a network of international organisations, fellow practitioners, individuals of influence including heads of state and popular celebrities, and is co-launching an international web-based education programme in Earth Law in partnership with the Gaia Foundation.  He is cited in many articles, interviews and publications.  

Recent Appearances and Upcoming Plans 

During 2009 Colin toured the US, presented at the Interspiritual Conference alongside other prominent global speakers, taught at Schumacher College in the UK, coordinated with Sami people in Sweden, presented at the Cultural Biodiversity Conference in Stockholm, lead an annual international ecological immersion course in Southern Africa, and convened with shamanic elders from Amazonia, Altai, Scandinavia, and from all over Africa.  In 2010 he has been a contributing facilitator on an expedition to arctic Greenland, dog sledging with the Inuit people and  examining the potential impacts of climate change with a select team of individuals of global influence.  In future months of 2010 he is due to tour in the United States presenting public lectures, facilitating courses and consulting with clients, as well as consulting in the Siberian Altai and facilitating in Southern Africa.  He is a co-founder of the African Biodiversity Network encompassing many African nations, a primary associate and advisor of the Gaia Foundation, and co-founder of the Ngwenyama School of Traditional African Medicine in Botswana.


Training & Specialisms

Colin is trained as a Traditional African Doctor and has a degree in Psychology & Fine Art at the University of Cape Town, though over the years his experience has expanded to embrace a number of roles, from cultural spokesman-provocateur to transformational facilitator.  Colin is frequently employed to run organisational courses on cultural cosmology, ecological integration, holistic health and personal development.  His areas of specialist knowledge include divination, traditional cosmologies, ritual process, diet, supplementation, NLP, psychological self-tracking, energy exercises, physical routine, and process psychology.  

From Client-Councillor to Cultural Muse

For the past decade Colin's phone has rung from six in the morning to eleven at night with requests from clients from all over the world.  He has now consciously entered a phase of personal creative expression, particularly focusing on his long-standing loves of music, photography and writing.